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Tax research in the Philippines was institutionalized with the enactment of Republic Act (RA) No. 2211 (May 15, 1959) creating the Joint Legislative Executive Tax Commission (JLETC). Providing technical support to the Commission Proper was a Technical Staff which was formally organized on April 1, 1960.

When martial law was declared in 1972, the commission proper of the JLETC was dissolved. Recognizing, however, the vital role of a tax research institution in the overall economic development thrust of the New Society, then President Ferdinand E. Marcos, through the recommendation of the Presidential Reorganization Committee, decreed the conversion of the JLETC’s Technical Staff to the National Tax Research Center (NTRC). On December 6, 1972, by virtue of Presidential Decree 74, the NTRC was organized as a purely single-headed agency under the administrative supervision of the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA).

More than a decade after, in another wave of government reorganization brought by the ascendancy of Ms. Corazon Aquino to the presidency in 1986, the NTRC was made an attached agency of the Department of Finance (DOF) by virtue of Executive Order No. 127 (January 30, 1987).

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